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How To Choose a Career Counselor

I started writing an article on how to choose a career counselor and then, in my research, came across these excellent guidelines for job seekers, written by Sally Gelardin, former President of the California Career Development Association (CCDA).

Enjoy! And remember to take your search for a career counselor seriously!

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The Golden List of Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Here’s some inside advice to help you prepare for your interview.

Interview Do’s

1) Visit the company’s website to get a sense of its products, services, and marketplace.

2) Spend at least an hour reviewing your portfolio, especially the pieces the hiring manager has asked you to bring (see above). Remind yourself of your contributions to the projects so that you can discuss them confidently.

Also, ensure that your work contains no Continue reading this entry »

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Impressing Your Colleagues On Your First Day

We all hustle to prepare for job interviews, but how many of us take the time to prepare for the first day. Your new colleagues want to see what you’re made of? They want you to succeed and they’re curious how you’ll contribute. It’s no wonder we’re all a bit nervous.

Here’s a great article with 5 tips to calm your nerves and make sure your first day sets the right tone.

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Gen Y’ers Create New “Happy” Unemployment Group

The CBS news covered an interesting story on a support group that promotes the positive side of being unemployed. Recent generation-Y layoff victims claim liberation and relief from their jobs. With their new-found freedom they’re joining a different kind of support group Continue reading this entry »

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Human Resources Speaks Out About What They Want

In Sept. 2008, I had the privilege of attending an HR panel who took the time to share what they wanted to see (and did not want to see) on a job candidate’s resume. Here’s what they had to say: Continue reading this entry »

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