I work alone. I mean, I have a talented staff of writers and administrative geniuses but they work remotely which means it’s just me here, sitting at this desk, in this office.

I can wear jeans, go barefoot, even have a little wine at 4:45pm on Friday while I tackle technical problems. No one’s watching. Carte blanche, baby!

So why I have I started wearing ties to work?

It started with my 3-year old. Whenever she dresses up, she demands I do too. At first I just threw on the tie to please her but then forgot to take it off, after dropping her off at daycare. Perhaps more accurately, I forgot I was wearing it at all. Resumes tend to put me in a trance (in a good way).

Ties can complete an outfit, they’re great to fidget with while listening to voicemails, and they give you respect points at lunch hour.

I’m kind of digging it…this tie thing.

Knot like normal,

-The Artist “Formally” Known as Cliff

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