We all have our never-say-nevers. Mine’s jogging. The only time I run in public is when I’m trying to catch something, get away from something, or win something. Walking slow exemplifies my life philosophy: Relax, chill, enjoy the moment, and get what you need to do done.

Jogging would surely contradict this worldview.

Ah well, it’s time…

I put on the closest thing I have to jogging shoes–Grey Saucony’s that used to be Navy Blue–before an impromptu inner tube ride in the Farmington River with my dad. Great arch support, wide enough to fit over my high instep. Like walking on clouds. Perfect.

I made it to the end of the block with a friend’s death metal band playing on my iPod. Suprisingly I wasn’t heaving. The traffic lights were a good excuse to take a few breaks before I made it to the lake.

9pm and the Lake was bustling with people: walkers, runners, strollers, gossipers. Happy hour for fitness peeps. The death metal–strangely optimistic in its lyrics–put me in the zone. My kick was high. I only had to stop about 10 times before I got around the entire lake. Pretty good, considering I’m coming from a strict diet of Wii Boxing and Yoga and maybe a few push-ups now and again.

Describing my jogging experience just ain’t going to be exciting so I’ll spare you the details and cut to the chase.

It was good. Some highlights?

  • Listening to Eddie Veddar croon like a wolf while running through the playground I usually go to with my 3-year old.
  • Stopping and breathing heavy on a bench, though I was sort of interrupting two necking love birds.
    Nodding to other joggers
  • Hearing the sand crunch under my feet during the 2-second intervals between songs. Made me think of Chariots of Fire. Holy Sh*t. I’m jogging!
  • Having random thoughts come in and out of my head and (best of all) having no thoughts at all.
  • Feeling the “tickle drips” of sweat on my ears and neck.
  • Not throwing up
  • Running through a sprinkler 3 blocks from home
  • Bragging about my jog to my wife with my back sticking to to the leather couch, and then guiltlessly watching a special on a man who lives with grizzly bears in his log cabin.

I don’t know if I can say I’m a jogger now, but I felt the burn and it was good. Might have to invest in some new shoes.

With calves aching,

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