As a seasoned professional, you have much to offer but remember to make room for new experiences as well.

An effective résumé for will balance your strengths (i.e. what you can teach) with your areas for growth (i.e. what you can learn). In regards to the latter, I’m certainly not suggesting you claim ignorance. Rather, consider showing a recently developed interest in a new industry or field.

This is best done by illustrating how you’ve already begun exploring said interest and uprgrading your skills related to this area. Some quick methods to achieve this are as follows:

  • weekend or short-term certification course
  • self-study (visit a bookstore)
  • subscription to trade journals
  • membership with a professional organization
  • online group affiliations such as with LinkedIn
  • internships or apprenticeships
  • guided tours (say of an alternative energy plant).

By showing on your resume that you’re enthusiastic about injesting a new flavor of work/life, you’ll present yourself as a hungry, invigorated job candidate who’s not even close to peaking in her career.

Stay on the BrightSide.

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