It never ceases to amaze me how many people argue against hiring a resume writer.

I’m one myself–the world’s best in fact–and though I know my resumes are well worth the $1,000 people pay for them, I understand that my services are not for everyone.

I do agree that you should choose wisely when looking for a resume writers; they come from all walks of life, from word-processors to corporate recruiters to marketing pros to career counselors to (yes) novelists.

Whatever background your writer comes from, make sure they’re a good listener. One thing that’s often overlooked as a benefit of quality resume-writing services is the career coaching and interview prepping aspect of it.

As an ex-corporate recruiter and career counselor with master’s degree in counseling, I fold coaching into my entire resume development process, both in my in-person interviews and through my questionnaire.

It’s not just about a piece of paper.

One of my regular clients always tells me: “Cliff, you don’t sell resumes. You sell lack of aggravation.”

But again, my services aren’t for everyone. Some people prefer aggravation.

Stay on the BrightSide.