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Career & Personal Assessments

For those seeking to generate and research new career options in line with their unique skills, interests, values, and preferences.

Find what you're looking for

Effective job searches start with introspection. In order to find a job that addresses your professional and personal priorities, we first must figure out what those priorities are. Career assessment tools are the best way to quickly identify these criteria along with a list of recommended career options.

Get to know yourself better

  • Prioritize what's important to you
  • Find out what you do best and why
  • Identify skills you can transfer to any job
  • Examine your style of interacting with people and staying productive
  • Confirm how you like to learn and organize your life
  • Discover fields and industries you haven't considered
  • Figure out what aspects of yourself are inhibiting your job search

The best and most reliable assessments can only be interpreted by authorized, thoroughly trained career counselors and coaches. With BrightSide, you have the support of a seasoned career expert who is credentialed to administer, explain, and leverage such assessments.

Give yourself a starting point

Our clients are consistently amazed by how validating these career assessments are, especially when coupled with career counseling. You too can generate options quickly and remember great things about yourself.


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Career & Personal Assessments $165/hr

Access to one or more formal and informal assessments with follow-up interpretation of PDF and MS Word reports by BrightSide CEO Cliff Flamer, a nationally certified career counselor who is authorized to interpret industry-leading career instruments.

Remember, our counseling services are tax deductible!

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