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Career Counseling & Coaching

For those seeking 1-on-1 guidance and support in figuring out in what direction to take their life and career.

The beginning is the hardest part of work

Perhaps you're having trouble coming up with your next career move, find yourself facing a harrowing career transition, are not having success in your existing work, believe you've hit a dead-end in your job search, seem to lack motivation and enthusiasm, feel unfulfilled in your current job, or simply find yourself curious about what else might be out there waiting for you (if only you knew what it was!).

Whatever the challenge, we can help you

  • Regain direction & purpose
  • Overcome internal & external career barriers
  • Bounce back from layoffs
  • Navigate through aggravating work conditions
  • Execute a fruitful career transition
  • Find meaningful work

Your career serves as a source of revenue, community, power, creativity, and purpose. It's no wonder, challenges at work can create stress in so many other aspects of your life. Our advice for handling these work-related stressors: Don't go at it alone. Partner with a well-trained counselor and career expert.

Take control of your career

Our clients are consistently amazed by how focused, confident, and invigorated they feel after our career counseling. You too can renew your enthusiasm for your life and career, becoming more profitable, more powerful, and more purposeful.


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Career Counseling & Coaching $165/hr

One-on-one career counseling session with BrightSide CEO Cliff Flamer, a nationally certified career counselor with a master’s degree in Career & College Counseling who’s been counseling clients on their careers since 1998.

Remember, our counseling services are tax deductible!

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