Testimonials On Our Career Services

Our clients walk away renewed, refreshed, and optimistic about finding lucrative, fulfilling work. Here are some of their candid responses.

You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with from the awesome critique to your very insightful phone consultation. I was completely blown away by your very thoughtful and probing questions, during our 2 1/2-hour conversation. You helped me to remember talents and skills that I had completely pushed to the back of my mind-things that I really should have been giving myself credit for!

-Kitara Wilson, Journalist & Marketing Writer

[Cliff’s] recruiting background gives him a noticeable edge over the competition; his front-line experience with hiring managers makes him an asset to any job search.

-Lynn S., Recruiter

Cliff, thank you for your superb work. Our [talk] gave me new ideas concerning aspects of my work experience that I can exuberantly highlight in upcoming interviews.

I arrived on your doorstep with self-proclaimed bitterness and extreme frustration concerning my job search but left hopeful and confident after we discussed my strengths and professional accomplishments.

I trust your business is growing by leaps and bounds.

-T. Mallie, Project Manager

During our call, you were able to sort through several of my past jobs and pull out details that needed attention. Thank you.

-Skip Richardson, Marketing & Sales Director

After a very productive 2-hour phone conversation with Cliff, I felt confident enough to ask for a raise. Cliff helped me realize just how much I’ve accomplished and how much of an asset I’ve become to my employer.”

-Anonymous, Business Development Manager

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your service provided such a huge relief to me at a time when I was absolutely dreading investing more time and effort. I also really appreciated your willingness and generosity with your time to allow me the room to get all of my thoughts out on the table. As a result, I was able to arrive at a focus that was much more aligned with where I want to go with my next job.

I will definitely use your service again and will happily recommend you to anyone who would benefit working with you.”

-Anna Stubbs, Operations Manager

It’s great to have options. I have one offer letter in the mail and another one pending for an interview I had yesterday! Cliff not only wrote me a resume that got me a job. He helped me define my career path.

-Thu Nguyen, Account Executive

Thanks for helping me transition careers! I feel as though I’m finally marketable for an advertising *or* a marketing position.

-Gary Tatmon, Marketing Coordinator (former Sales Rep.)

Thank you SO much! I enjoyed working with you. I certainly WILL recommend you to whomever I think would benefit. I think the first person would be my husband.

-Lauren Dunn, Web & Multimedia Developer

I went from zero callbacks to two hits in a week after gaining some direction from BrightSide.

-Barbara Murch, Accounting Manager

After spending one hour asking me pointed questions about my experience, talents, education, and work history, Cliff unearthed information I had previously buried.

-Gilbert Gonzalez, Technical Writer

Cliff [has] got all the right questions. I really feel like I got my money’s worth.

Now, I know what kinds of accomplishments dazzle hiring managers and how to identify and present such accomplishments in the future.

I highly recommend this service and will definitely recommend it to all my friends!

-Mimi Jones, Freelance Writer

Cliff asked all the right questions. He made me think about the jobs I have had, the duties I’ve performed, and the skills I’ve mastered. He was able to cut through all the fluff and get to the most important aspects of my work experience. Cliff pointed out things I hadn’t noticed before and helped me recognize impressive skills I’d nearly forgotten.

-Karen Smillie, Counselor

I feel better about my qualifications now and can confidently say that I would hire myself!

-Elyse Beffa, Massage Therapist

Cliff is a joy to work with as he is kind and inquisitive. I have already referred a friend and would encourage anyone to take advantage of the professionals at BrightSide.

-Christine Schmidt, Executive Assistant

Thanks Cliff! You’re a breath of fresh air!
-Sharon Roberts, Executive Assistant

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