How We Work

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how our career counseling and job-search coaching process works. Click on any of the steps below for more details.

Click to expand 1. Match yourself up with a qualified counselor

The first step to successful counseling or coaching is finding a qualified counselor who fits your needs. Equipped with our multi-faceted experience and training in career counseling, job-search coaching, recruiting, and resume development, we’re positioned to help you define, reinvent, and navigate your career path. Whether you’re looking for career direction, resume guidance, or both, BrightSide is your long-term professionally (and nationally) credentialed ally.

Click to expand 2. Send us your existing resume

In order to gain a basic understanding of your professional situation, confirm your need for career counseling/coaching, and avoid generic and redundant questions about your work experience, education, and skills, we request that you send us your resume as a precursor to speaking with you. Feel free to include target job titles and/or an explanation of your situation.

Click to expand 3. We'll send you info and set up your appointment

Plato said “the beginning is the hardest part of work” which is certainly true with career development. To ease you into the process, we’ve devised a career worksheet we’ll deliver to you along with some options for setting up a phone-meeting time. This way, you’ll have the opportunity to assess your situation at your own pace before we begin our more in-depth discussion.

Click to expand 4. Consult with a professional in confidence

After we receive your completed questionnaire, and arrange a date and time for our first counseling or coaching session, we’ll have your BrightSide counselor call you. All of our services are conducted via phone and email, which means you can explore your career options from the comfort of your own home. We respect our clients' privacy, dignity, and diversity which is why we take the necessary steps to ensure confidentiality and conduct appropriate, nationally-approved counseling practices as mandated by the National Board of Counseling Certification, the American Counseling Association, the National Career Development Association, and our other governing bodies.

Our customers note the difference in how they feel about and percieve themselves once they’ve talked with a BrightSide counselor. With replenished confidence and focus, the’ve learned how to transform their job search into a successful career-building experience.

Should you decide to utilize our resume services following your career counseling or job-search coaching, the counselor with whom you work will then serve as your resume writer. After all, what better person to write your life story than the person who just listened to it in its entirety.

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