Career Coaching

Nationally certified career counseling, resume coaching, interview coaching, and career assessment services to get you where you need to go.


Career Counseling
$225 /hr

For truth-seeking explorers, in search of clarity in who they are, what they have to offer, and which types of jobs best fit their profile. This service is great for people who want to face the abyss, gain a new perspective, and free themselves from a story that’s no longer working.

Why Do We Care?

The heart of what we do is drive people closer to being themselves in their work.

BrightSide CEO and chief counselor Cliff Flamer has always been a champion of authenticity. He's made it his life's purpose to help as many people as possible to be genuine in their work while also becoming more valuable, even irreplaceable.

Because You Are Awesome

When you're at your best, when you're doing what you're supposed to be doing, everyone around you benefits – your colleagues, your customers, your loved ones. Your impact is bigger and broader. Your sense of purpose expands.

We need to get you back to that place… where work is meaningful, lucrative, and energizing, where you can be yourself and be successful.

Together, We Got This

We've found we collaborate particularly well with:

  • Professionals doing good in the world
  • People-oriented business leaders
  • Aspiring mid-career managers
  • Entrepreneurs and trailblazers
  • “Lifers” with long tenure at one job
  • Career transitioners with ideas
  • Employees navigating work politics
  • Folks taking stock of their career
  • Military vets transitioning into jobs
  • Stay-at-home parents
  • Graduates looking to launch
  • People who can't see their value
  • Anyone who has lost their purpose

Get Back To Greatness

Your career is a source of revenue, power, community, creativity, and purpose. It's no wonder challenges at work create stress in so many other aspects of your life.

Whatever is missing for you, we'll put a name on it and figure out how to get it back. Or build something new in its place.

  • K. P. via email
    Your talents are indeed, the catalyst of my venture into this new career.
  • Berlena G. via email
    The time that I spent with you was the sunshine in my cloudiness. You were honest and you got me!
  • Abby C. via Yelp
    Due to Brightside Resumes and Cliff's amazing career counseling, I have finally found my path in the job market and have never been happier.
  • Rachel R. via email
    It has been so great working with you. Such an uplifting experience.
  • Mike M. via email
    I learned a lot by talking through a story I never told before other than inside my head. You brought some clarity as well as a good reality check to the discussion.
  • Justin D. via Yelp
    Cliff is very good at what he does and he understands that in order for you to do your best work, you need to understand who you are. Going with BrightSide Resumes has done wonders for me...
  • Claudia P. via Yelp
    Cliff is fun to talk to and he really 'gets' what I'm trying to say... even if I'm not totally sure.
  • Rami S. via Email
    I truly enjoyed our time yesterday. It finally feels like somebody “gets me” and will help guide me out of this abyss.

Career Counseling: $225.00 /hr

Resume Coaching

For frustrated job-seekers looking to hear what hiring managers won't tell them: what's wrong with their resume. Get 30 minutes of laser-focused feedback on your resume along with specific tactics, strategy, and content suggestions you can implement immediately that will lift your spirits and turn your job search around.

What Is Resume Coaching?

It's cathartic to learn why your resume isn't working. In therapy, change starts with identifying the problem. And that's exactly what we'll do in discussing your resume: free you from the story that's preventing progress. You will be inspired to dive back into your resume and make changes.

New Story, New Results

There isn't a work history problem we can't overcome in your life or on your resume.

At the end of the session, you'll have the blueprints for a stronger resume. More importantly, you'll feel a renewed confidence from gaining a clearer sense of why you're great for the work you have chosen.

In restructuring your resume, we'll not only change the story you tell and the results you achieve, we'll change the way you see yourself.

  • Kate B. via email
    I've been hired as a Marketing Campaign Manager! Thank you for all your help with coaching and resume writing. I could not have done it without you!
  • Holly R. via Yelp
    Cliff gave me a whole new vision for my skill set and experience - one that I hadn't really noticed before! We came up with a strategy for rewriting my resume that would allow me to go after the positions I REALLY wanted.
  • Orion P. via Yelp
    I found it hard at first to "sell myself" but Cliff was masterful at helping me get through my defense mechanisms and see my skills for what they really are. "BrightSide" is a very apt name for Cliff's business.
  • Tammy R. via Yelp
    Definitely one of the best investments I've made! Imagine, a person who knows exactly how to word a resume and what to include so that you get noticed out of the hundreds of other applicants! Stop struggling and get down to BrightSide!
  • SanFran L. via yelp
    What impressed me was how he was able to come up with a style of resume that covered my weakness and highlighted my strengths.
  • Prasan V. via Yelp
    Amazing phone call!
  • Danielle Y. via Yelp
    Cliff is very personable and really has the patience to listen to your situation and is able to give great and honest feedback. He's casually candid and sincere-just truly great at what he does.
  • Maggie A. via Yelp
    I genuinely felt like he took the time to understand me as best as he could, and then gave me the best possible advice setting me up to succeed.
  • Jenna V. via Yelp
    One phone session with Cliff helped me land the job that I want with my dream company.

Resume Coaching: $125.00

Interview Coaching
$225 /hr

For goal-driven careerists who know their target and are seeking to improve their in-person storytelling and presentation. Learn to navigate every type of job interview with confidence in order to gracefully advance through the hiring process.

No More "Gotcha" Moments

Once you have your story straight, it's easy to answer trick questions. We have some great strategies to equip you to handle whatever they throw at you.

Your story needs to be detailed, compelling, and believable. The people on the other side of the table need to see themselves in your future. Let's put them there.

Ace Any Interview

Whatever your concerns, you can be the candidate they want.

  • Answer the toughest questions
  • Explain sticky points in your history
  • Enjoy networking and interviewing
  • Pass behavioral/situation interviews
  • Satisfy recruiters so they work for you
  • Learn what interviewers are thinking
  • Negotiate a great salary
  • Address panic/rambling/blanking
  • Build rapport and create a dialogue

Come Out On Top

You already have all the elements of a good story. It's just a matter of picking out the strongest plot points and linking them together in a way that builds empathy, hope, and excitement.

  • C. P. via Yelp
    Cliff coached me on some interview techniques that greatly increased my confidence. Our conversations helped me clarify and better understand my true value within my field and in the world in general.
  • Justin D. via Yelp
    After working with Cliff (who helped me uncover the best version of myself), I landed interviews with some of the biggest companies in my field (and got hired), it was one of the best decisions I could have made.
  • X. Monroe via email
    I actually enjoyed the interview process!
  • Chloe D. via email
    The interview coaching session gave me the confidence I needed when I got in the room with my new colleagues.
  • Bo M. via email
    Well I got the job that I mentioned the last time we spoke: the Assistant GM position. Thank you so much for our conversations. You helped me re-focus on what I needed to do.
  • J.K. via Yelp
    I've been working with Cliff at BrightSide Resumes on multiple career and interview prep related things for a number of years now, and I can't recommend him enough.

Interview Coaching: $225.00 /hr


Interests Assessment
$225 /hr

For career adventurers looking to put a name on their interests, discover job roles and fields that suit them best, and generate a prioritized list of career options. This is a great starting point if you’re open to new possibilities and just want to know what’s "out there" for you.

Open Up Your Options

Take the Strong Interest Inventory: answer a series of questions online and get a 10-page report, including a long list of job options you can start researching immediately.

We are an authorized CPP assessment administrator, which means we've been specifically trained to run and interpret these reports that have been a staple in career counseling for decades.

See What Interests You

  • Discover new fields and industries
  • Get a beautiful list of job options
  • Gain bountiful detail on new careers
  • Find out what you do best and why
  • Understand your inclinations

Reveal Real Possibilities

We've done hundreds of these assessments for people of all experience levels. It's a great way to really zero in on what you're all about, learn about careers you may have overlooked, and gain some focus on where you can go from here.

  • SanFran L. via Yelp
    We talked on a variety of subjects having to do with my future career moves. Cliff even gave me step-by-step advice on how to pursue those goals, what possible directions I could go in, and things I might consider.
  • Claudia P. via Yelp
    Our conversations helped me clarify and better understand my true value within my field and in the world in general. Cliff is fun to talk to and he really 'gets' what I'm trying to say...even if I'm not totally sure.
  • Justin D. via Yelp
    Cliff understands that the path to a successful career includes uncovering your motivations, realizing what gives you joy, and how you can use your best traits to contribute to others.
  • Jeremy H. via Yelp
    I spoke with Cliff on two hour-long occasions where Cliff delved into my skill set and goals. The conversations helped me to evaluate what it is I want and am qualified to pursue.
  • Moget G. via Yelp
    At the end of my session, I honestly felt a sense of relief and affirmation that I am valuable and that I simply needed a little push to get to where I wanted to be.
  • Ryan R. via Yelp
    Cliff asked tough questions that helped me clarify what kind of position I wanted. He took the time to find out just what I enjoyed about my previous jobs and combined that with my interests. The phone call with Cliff proved invaluable!

Interests Assessment: $225.00 /hr

Personality Assessment
$225 /hr

For anyone eager to learn what makes them tick in terms of core traits, preferences, tendencies, and work styles. Expect a few “a-ha” moments and acquire specific language useful in presenting yourself in interviews and networking meetings.

Look In Before You Look Out

Take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), one of the most well-known and trusted psychology assessments used by HR teams and managers all over the world. Answer a series of situational and behavioral questions and get a report back explaining your distinct personality traits, work styles, and preferences.

Take It From An Expert

We are an authorized CPP assessment administrator, which means we've been specifically trained to run and interpret these reports that have been a staple in career counseling for decades.

Companies use the MBTI all the time to understand employees' strengths and facilitate better communication in the workplace.

See Yourself Clearly

  • Learn how you stay energized
  • See how you process information
  • Understand how you make decisions
  • Realize how you organize your life

Move With Confidence

People who take the MBTI feel a sense of validation. They appreciate removing the mystery behind why and how they act. We've done hundreds of these assessments for people of all experience levels. It's always gratifying to witness.

  • Maggie A. via Yelp
    After talking to Cliff, I can honestly say that I felt so relieved and much more clear headed going into my search.
  • Hunter C. via Yelp
    Cliff is an absolute pleasure to talk with, and always brings out the best in me.
  • Joseph C. via Yelp
    When you hire BrightSide Resumes you are investing in your successful future. I have referred several of my colleagues to BrightSide and they to have been very pleased with the results.
  • John H. via Yelp
    Getting help from someone who sees you for who you are, can pull out your strengths, can knit together your special offerings and also deeply understand the industry is rare. Cliff has really helped me build a story that is MY story.
  • Carson B. via Yelp
    Bottom line is I would recommend Brightside Resume to anyone looking to add to their self-worth and increase their professional confidence.
  • S.M. via Yelp
    Cliff is a not only a great writer but a great listener.
  • Matt W. via Yelp
    Cliff made it so easy with his questions. All I had to do was start talking and then cliff would guide the conversation on where it needed to go to get the proper info.
  • Robert A. via Yelp
    I completed a fairly thorough questionnaire that really helped me reflect on my career. The process was so easy, too. Everything is done by phone and email so it's very fast and uncomplicated.
  • Claudia P. via Yelp
    Our conversations helped me clarify and better understand my true value within my field and in the world in general.

Personality Assessment: $225.00 /hr

So What's The Best Career Counseling Advice?

A lot goes into making career choices. What's the best career counseling advice you've come across? Did it remove all of your job-search barriers? Did it help you land your dream job? We’ve guided clients to find their calling several times over, but more than that, we’ve supported clients in becoming more satisfied with their career decisions and more fulfilled with their lives.

Career Assistance Is Here

With the correct guidance and support, you can be confident and prepared for job success, from deciding on a direction to presenting yourself in the interview, to negotiating on your behalf, to taking that cherished offer and stepping into and keeping a role that was made for you. Whether you are a recent graduate trying to get your foot in the door or an experienced professional looking to make a change, you will always benefit from partnering with a career counselor. And we’re happy to fill that space for you.

What About Job Interview Coaching?

Everyone agrees that acing the job interview is a crucial step in finding and securing a job. But, the truth is, many job seekers don’t adequately prepare for the interview, or even worse, don’t earn any interviews in the first place. To win interviews and navigate them, you must be crystal clear about who you are professionally and what you have to offer. Career counseling and interview coaching can help you to do just that.

Career Counselors vs Career Coaches

Career counselors are actually different from career coaches. Career coaches can have zero training. All they need is a business card. By contrast, to wear the title of "career counselor," you must have earned a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. With such deep credentials, career counselors can provide you with expert advice to help you maximize your chances of getting the job you want. They can also facilitate you in diving deep into the root cause of your career obstacles in order to remove them permanently.

The Very Best Of Career Services

That’s our goal: to lead you to the BrightSide so you can stand tall with your best foot forward. Taking advantage of our expertise and experience will improve your chances of getting the job you desire. Through our coaching, we, as career counselors, can help you identify and target any weaknesses or gaps in your skills and profile, as well as support you in refining and enhancing the skills you already have.