How Our Job-Search Coaching Works

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Once you've placed your order via PayPal or GoogleCheckout, we'll get in touch immediately to book your 1-hour job-search coaching session. At this time, we'll request an up-to-date version of your resume as well as a link to the job description(s) you're targeting. We'll also provide you with worksheets or handouts if appropriate.

This way, we can begin to evaluate your candidacy before our meeting, much like a hiring manager will do. From such a perspective, we'll be positioned to coach you on you presentation to colleagues, friends, and prospective employers.

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We'll call you at the agreed upon time and invite you to explain the specific job-search challenges with which you're struggling so we can come up with tailored solutions. If you don't have any specific concerns, we'll take the lead in helping you develop an overall job-search strategy, ultimately creating a "storyline" that will help you present your work history and qualifications with confidence and intentionality.

If we agree more than one session is necessary, we'll collaboratively come up with "homework" you can do in the interim that will lead you closer to where you want to be and at just the right pace.

One more thing: We respect your privacy and integrity, which is why all of our counseling practices are in line with the ethical standards of the National Board of Counseling Certification.

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We'll write up a very brief summary of our session so you can be sure you'll benefit from all of your a-ha moments for years to come. We'll stick to big-picture concepts and invite you to take notes on your end to record the play-by-play advice. Think of it as having someone crystallize the arc of your career journey. You'll of course have online access to these notes indefinitely.

Our customers note the difference in how they feel about and percieve themselves once they've talked with a BrightSide counselor. With replenished confidence and focus, they've learned how to truly engage in their job search and recognize real and immediate results.

Getting Started is easy: When you're ready, choose from either PayPal or GoogleCheckout to make your secure payment and move us into action.

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