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Interview Coaching

For those seeking to perfect their in-person and phone presentation to portray themselves in the best possible light during any type of interview.

Say it right the first time.

The key to acing interviews is telling compelling, evidence-based anecdotes with confidence and intentionality. Perhaps you’re looking to brush up on your presentation skills, worry about sending the wrong message, aren’t 100% confident in your approach, feel like you’re always on the defensive in front of the hiring squad, or just want to make sure you’re doing everything possible to land the right job.

Whatever your concerns, you too can impress everyone.

  • Ace any type of interview (there are over 12 of them!)
  • Learn fail-safe techniques to answering the toughest questions
  • Avoid falling prey to “loaded” questions
  • Know what the interviewer is thinking, worrying about, and hoping for
  • Negotiate a salary you can brag about

Coming from a recruiting background, we’ve worked with the HR professionals and hiring executives with whom you’ll be interviewing. We know what they want to see and hear, and we know how and why they will try to trick you into saying the wrong thing. With all of our credentials, training, and experience, we’ve got you covered.

Partner with an ex-recruiter and accomplished career coach.

Our clients actually find themselves wanting to interview after an hour or two of coaching. They know how to prepare, how to impress, and how to deliver their well-thought-out message.


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Interview Coaching $165/hr

One-on-one coaching session with BrightSide CEO Cliff Flamer, an ex-recruiter of Silicon Valley, trained career counselor, and veteran of the inteview process. You’ll also receive 3 BrightSide documents: 1) questions the interviewer will ask, 2) questions to ask the interviewer, and 3) questions to avoid answering.

Remember, our coaching services are tax deductible!

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