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Targeted and all-purpose cover letters, branded to match your resume's appearance, tone, and strategy.

The cover letter is your opportunity to explain any challenges you've faced in your work history or personal life that can't be fully addressed in your resume. You want to be upbeat, candid, and confident without putting your reader to sleep with clichés and unconvincing platitudes.

To achieve this, we suggest leading in with a relevant quote, personal anecdote, work success story, tag line, philosophical musing, client testimonial, ethical statement, or blunt remark about your latest jaw-dropping accomplishment. Then, amplify and/or exemplify the qualifications noted on your resume, being careful not to simply summarize them. Most important, go beyond the resume's story: draw themes and patterns, mention soft skills, and reframe shortcomings.

Need a hand?

We'll create a personal and memorable document, aligned with the format and strategy of your resume that articulates exactly how your experience, vision, and talents address the employer's needs. We can be as professional or unorthodox as you'd like, of course keeping in mind your industry and target audience.

Read more of our articles on cover letters, including what percentage of hiring managers really value them.


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Other Documentation $165/hr

Bios, personal/diversity statements, application/school essays, achievement lists, thank-you letters, and more, to complement your resume and perpetuate your job-search brand.

Increase your chances of getting an offer by impressing your prospective colleagues at every point of contact before, during, and after the interview. You want your candidate file to be overflowing with expertly written, beautifully formatted documents that position you as an articulate, respectful, and well-organized applicant.

You name it, we write it. Consider us your long-term career documentation consultant.

BrightSide also offers comprehensive B2B services such as marketing communications materials, public relations documents, press releases, company histories, employee biographies, product descriptions, and company mission statements. After you equip yourself with flattering documents, do the same for your new employer.

Prices and turnaround time will be issued on a project-by-project basis. Give us your wish list, and we'll give you a quote.

Purchase Executive Resume Writing ASCII Conversion $95

Scannable text-only resume to complement your existing MS Word and PDF resumes. Perfect for web and email submissions.

Oftentimes, employers and job boards require applicants to "cut & paste" their resumes directly into the body of an email or into a web-based form, instead of sending it as an attachment to email. If you comply with these instructions (which you should be doing), you'll notice your resume loses its formatting, thus becoming quite difficult, if not impossible, to read.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to create an ASCII version of your resume ahead of time.

We've written a brief article to answer the ever popular question: "What is an ASCII resume?", carefully explaining why its essential for an online job search.

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