Creative Resume

For non-managers seeking an unconventional 1-page resume with less content and more focus on design and aesthetics. This includes actors, artists, producers, choreographers, musicians, graphic designers, clothing designers, interior decorators, inventors, bodywork specialists, and environmentalists.

Be Yourself, Be Successful

  • Stand out from the crowd. Our carefully crafted resumes will exemplify your artistic talent, personal philosophy, and industry mastery, not just recap your work history.
  • Become an expert interviewer. The BrightSide resume development process doubles as career counseling, helping you align your multitude of strengths.
  • Attract offers you can be proud of. Just because you do what you love, doesn't mean you can't love your salary.

Award-Winning Creativity

We've won several awards for our resume writing, specifically in the category of "Creative Resumes" given to us by the leading careerists' group, Career Directors International (CDI).

Resume-writing, if taken seriously, is an art form in terms of balancing white space with wording, selecting and augmenting graphical elements, and accessing the music that is inherent to language. We strongly believe this, and our clients benefit because of it.

A Different Kind of Resume

Perhaps you're looking to demonstrate your style and design sense through the use of imagery, font, color, balance, and space. Often the most challenging resumes to create are the ones that look effortlessly designed.

Or, maybe you're envisioning a resume reflective of your trade: For a Theater Director, a document that mimics an 8.5 x 11 performance program; for a chef, something that reads like a recipe and looks like a dinner menu; for a massage therapist, a brochure that captures the trinity of body, mind, and spirit in the simplistic repeated shape of a triangle....

Whatever your desires, we sculpt resumes into remarkable yet professional documents that will bring the right kind of attention to your craft. Executive Director, Cliff Flamer, has an artist's touch as well as numerous industry credentials.

What You Get With This Service

The Creative Resume includes 1 hour of consultation and the subsequent writing and formatting of an eye-catching resume that visually and verbally demonstrates your uniqueness and creative talents as a job candidate.

Our clients agree, our award-winning Creative Resumes will help you stand out from the crowd, as a premiere specialist in your field.

All of our resumes are drafted line-by-line and custom formatted according to your industry, personality, and intended audience. A BrightSide resume will illustrate who you are both implicitly (in your format and style) and explicitly (in your flattering accomplishment statements). Every line, every word, every detail is taken under careful consideration in terms of overall balance and intensity of impact.

Purchase Creative Resume Writing

Creative Resume $695

The Creative Resume Service will help to single you out from the crowd. It includes:

  • An hour of 1-on-1 resume consulting to help you build an effective resume strategy, address all of your work history concerns, and discover and expound upon your accomplishments
  • Use of our Career Assessment Packet to help you start thinking about your career from the hiring manager's perspective while giving us an idea of where you're coming from and what you have to offer
  • Direct and ongoing communication with your dedicated resume expert and career counselor, Cliff Flamer, who will be working with you from your initial consultation through the delivery of your product and into the subsequent revision
  • The complete writing and formatting of your resume, artfully tailored to your industry, job function, personality, unique strengths, level of experience, and target audience
  • Deliverables in MS Word (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format -- the preferred word-processing programs used by hiring teams
  • A full round of revision to make sure you're happy with the way you look on paper (though you'll be so pleased with the first draft, you won't have many requests for change)
  • Secure lifetime storage of your resume on our password-protected collaboration site, so you can access your career documents from absolutely anywhere (including from a job interview!)
  • Partnership with the best resume service in the industry, as corroborated by our clients, fellow career experts, and hiring executives alike

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