Testimonials On Our Resume Services

Our clients walk away refreshed and eager to send out their resumes because they know even the most discerning recruiters and HR staff will be impressed.


Executive Resume Clients

Following a few phone interviews with companies down in San Diego, I have gotten and accepted a job offer for a position up here that I was specifically targeting. Additionally, my wife (who you helped after me) got a job offer with a major sports company.

Thanks from the both of us, Cliff.

-Andrew Krol, VP Engineering
-Kebra Krol, Marketing Director

After working with previous resume writers, I was especially pleased with end result I achieved with BrightSide Resumes. I opted for the Executive Resume Package and am happy I spent the extra money doing so.

I had a legal headhunter, lawyer, and Harvard MBA review the finished product and all of them respond the same way… they wouldn't change a thing. The end result was a concise and professional resume that has represented me extremely well in the marketplace.

I would highly recommend BrightSide's services to family, friends, and colleagues and would urge you to give them a try as well.

-Chris Hewitt, VP Sales and Business Development

I'd like to share the following very positive reponse from an executive recruiter at one of the world's largest global (VP-level and above) search firms: 'This is a great resume. More concise and will represent you better. It was good that you had it worked on.

Thanks for you help on the resume, Cliff. It is a tough market and every bit of effective marketing collateral that you can have in your tool chest, the better.

-Anonymous, VP Engineering

BrightSide Resumes got me a job that reflects exactly where I'm at in my career.

I had been seeking gainful employment for nearly a year before I turned to BrightSide Resumes. While I had a many interviews most of the jobs required me to take a giant step BACKWARD in my career. Many of the positions I interviewed for were for work that I had done 3-5 years prior.

I had a number of friends give me pointers, including a contact at a very prestigious executive search firm, but none of their advice or edits generated interviews.

So, on a referral from a friend, I sent my resume to BrightSide. When the resume came back to me I was stunned! Did it work? Absolutely! The very next interview I received was for a great position at a well-respected company. I accepted the job and began work only a few weeks later.

Thank you, BrightSide Resumes!

-Gary WeaverLi, Assistant VP of Engineering

Thanks, Cliff! Your great work helped me land a new position!

Within a month of passively searching (no cover letters, no responding to ads), I had four in-depth interviews and two job offers. I accepted the exact job that I hoped to find.

I received several comments about the quality of my resume after you rewrote it (without a consultation) and felt very confident sending the new resume to my network of contacts, headhunters and prospective employers.

I have a colleague I would like to refer to you.

-James Deslonde, Senior HR Director & Attorney

(From customer's wife) It's official-offer, acceptance, passed all tests-he's hired. I'm not sure Craig can believes this is really and truly happening. I think it will take awhile to sink in. It's a company he's been very interested in. I think he tried applying there a couple of years ago. It was very hard to break through but we were able to do it thanks to you, Cliff!

Just wanted to pass along the good news and send an official thank you note to let you know all your hard work is paying off! Many thanks and much appreciation.

-Anna McConnochie for husband Craig, Senior Director

Thank you for my new resume. I hardly recognize myself! (That means you did a great job). During our consultation, you were able to sort through several of my past jobs and pull out details that needed attention. Your revamp has given the entire resume a much-needed weight and balance, both in substance and format. I'll be sure to let you know when that special job offer comes in.

-Skip Richardson, Marketing & Sales Director

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Management Resume Clients

I received two calls for interviews shortly after submitting my new resume. Thank you again for all of your help. After seven years in the same field you start to forget the skills you've acquired over time. After working with you, you helped me to remember a lot of the skills that I had obtained, and goals I had accomplished.

I've been on my new job as an Operations Supervisor for just one month now, but it feels like I've been there forever. The people are great and the job has a lot of fun challenges with plenty of room for advancement and growth.

Cliff, you are the consummate professional, and a great help in revising my resume. I would certainly do business with you again, and strongly recommend anyone that needs a new or revised resume to contact you. Thank you.

-Jahid A. Wilson, Sr., Operations Manager

Cliff, already sent your resume out to a few folks. My wife read it and said that for the first time, she feels that it really “says” what I do. A few of my colleagues that saw it were also pleased. I have referred them to you. Thanks for really understanding me and what I do.

-Zareh Salmassian, Operations Manager

Hi Cliff, I just wanted to tell you thanks, my aunt is an HR consultant and I asked her to check out my new resume and send it to some of her friends in the business and they all really liked it, they thought it was really good work. Those few changes that I sent you came from my aunt. Again thank you.

-Joe Wagner, Manager of Information Systems

My resume looks so good, it is actually making me excited about the job seeking process! Thank you for working with me to get this just right. I L O V E the revisions. You guys read my mind.

-Emery Low, Creative Project Manager

I used my new resume to get a promotion. After a very productive 2-hour phone conversation with Cliff, I felt confident enough to ask for a raise. Cliff helped me realize just how much I've accomplished and how much of an asset I've become to my employer.

He created a full page of brand new content covering my most recent achievements. His final draft made me look qualified for my boss' job!

With Human Resources' approval, I submited my updated resume for review. Three days later, I received a sizable raise as well as a personal commendation from my division manager!

-Anonymous, Business Development Manager

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I greatly appreciate the quality you deliver for a very fair price. (A few years ago I paid $400 for a resume and it was crap!). And I'm even more impressed that you were able to condense my six-pager into one and a half pages! You did a great job communicating the message I wanted to deliver.

Your service provided such a huge relief to me at a time when I was absolutely dreading investing more time and effort in a resume that just was not working for me. I also really appreciated your willingness and generosity with your time to allow me the room to get all of my thoughts out on the table. As a result, I was able to arrive at a focus that was much more aligned with where I want to go with my next job.

I will definitely use your service again and will happily recommend you to anyone who would benefit working with you.

-Anna Stubbs, Operations Manager

I went from zero callbacks to two hits in a week after gaining some direction from BrightSide.

-Barbara Murch, Accounting Manager

Cliff, thank you for creating a resume for me that was both impactful and professional without being over the top. The resume you created generated so much interest I'm actually turning down interviews! I've gotten five offers and have finally decided to relocate to Utah for a directorship position and to be closer to my family. Thanks for helping me with this transition.

-Hydee Fratto, Human Resources Manager

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Professional Resume Clients

You and your staff were a pleasure to work with. I think the new resume is great and the process helped me think through the strengths and weaknesses of my background. I'll let you know what develops and will certainly refer anyone I know who's looking for resume services.

-Aaron Rosenthal, Marcom & PR Specialist

Immediately after making the corrections that Cliff suggested during our consultation, I got a two-month contract followed immediately by another contract. I should have done this months ago.

Your suggestions were spot-on! Thanks again for your help, Mr. Wizard. I feel more confident and that's worth a lot! My resume finally reflects who I am and what I can do.

-Cynthia Berman, Freelance Editor & Writer

In a little over a month, I landed a solid contract that's promising me ongoing work for the next several months. Amazing what a paycheck does for your confidence!

Cliff is not like other resume-writers. He's got all the right questions and was able to present me better than I could have presented myself. I really feel like I got my money's worth.

He fine-tuned my resume from basically just a list of projects to a more comprehensive account of my role in each project and its impact on others. Through our consultation, I learned how to refocus my statements to address the needs of my employer-to-be, a real eye-opening experience! Now, I know what kinds of accomplishments dazzle hiring managers and how to identify and present such accomplishments in the future.

I highly recommend this service and will definitely recommend it to all my friends! When they see what Cliff did to my resume, I won't have to tell them twice about his talents!

-Mimi Jones, Freelance Writer

After sending out my new resume on the internet, I was pleasantly surprised when I received not one, but two responses in less than a day! A job offer came shortly after.

I was very happy with the prompt service, and the price for the Professional Resume Package is very reasonable considering the months of work I have put into rewriting my resume on my own. In this tough economic climate and with the increased competition in the job market, I highly recommend this service to give your resume the winning edge.

-N. Strudwick, Marketing Associate

Cliff, this [resume] is simply stellar. I could not have done it myself. I think it raises my professional message to a whole new level. I am deeply grateful.

-Sarah Kornfeld, Marketing and PR Specialist

The new resume looks great! I feel as though I'm finally marketable for an advertising *or* a marketing position. Everything sounds a whole heck of a lot better the way you stated it. Thanks for helping me transition careers!

-Gary Tatmon, Marketing Coordinator (former Sales Rep.)

I've done quite a bit research on resumes and have attended classes on them as well. While I may very well be able to craft an acceptable resume, I certainly can recognize the value in having a resume expert like yourself bring it to the next level.

-Dave Tinker

I have GREAT news! I am now working as a consultant for Epiq Systems, Inc. in SF! And, it will probably become permanent before the end of the year!

And, I'm QUITE SURE that having you redo my resume was instrumental in nailing this one! I'm also pretty sure that two of my colleagues will be hiring your services soon!! They, too, are jobseekers in need!

Thanks again so VERY VERY much Cliff…You worked employment wonders!!!!!”

And the cost was very reasonable (a headhunter wanted to charge me almost $5,000). For everyone out there who's thinking of getting their resume done, Cliff Flamer is cordial, professional, and fast. Within a few days and a couple of phone calls, he whipped my resume into stellar shape!

And now look at me! I'm employed!!!

-Nadine Anderberg, Trainer & Curriculum Developer

I got an immediate callback for a contract at a major local company which I declined to take a new position at my current company!

Admittedly, even as a communications expert, it was hard to step back and write my own resume. Spending $300 to have a professional do it was definitely the right thing to do.

-Hillary Russak, Technical Writer

I knew that by having my resume written by a professional the end result would be great, but what I received from Cliff was beyond what I thought anyone could put together on one page!

Absolutely amazing! When I first looked at my new resume, I was stunned! The layout was beautiful. It only got better as I began to read the content. Cliff was able to be explanatory but concise as he described my work experience.

What's more is that Cliff is a joy to work with as he is kind and inquisitive. The money I spent on my new resume I consider a drop in the bucket compared to the interest I know I will receive from future employers. I have already referred a friend and would encourage anyone to take advantage of the professionals at Bright Side Resumes.

-Christine Schmidt, Executive Assistant

Thanks Cliff! You're a breath of fresh air!

-Sharon Roberts, Executive Assistant

Inside of a week of sending out my new resume, I received two interviews, one of which resulted in a job offer that I promptly accepted!

I never would have thought that I needed outside help with my resume but since I wasn't getting any interviews, I submitted it for review. Long story short, I bought the Professional Resume Package that same day.

The [phone] consultation was extremely helpful. Cliff pointed out things I hadn't noticed before and helped me recognize impressive skills I'd nearly forgotten.

-Karen Smillie, Counselor

Cliff was fabulous! He listened to my needs, and was careful to include the components of my resume I was adamant about including. I was impressed with his ability to make sense out of my 'social worker talk' and to advise me about what information would be most appealing to potential employers. Cliff didn't hesitate to ask questions about areas with which he was unfamiliar, and demonstrated his comprehension by producing a beautiful, flawless, and marketable resume.

-Allyson Morrice, Social Worker

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Technical Resume Clients

First of all… wow!!!! I am very impressed. Finally I have a resume that represents my work and my capability. Thank you for your superb work!

-Shane Stowe, Business Analyst & Technical Project Manager

A week after you wrote my resume, I got a call back, and it's been an avalanche of interest ever since. Everytime I post this thing, I get a response. Adobe, Cisco and tons of others from Craig's List and the ususal job boards. The grand total is up to 15 callbacks and 5 in-person interviews. Now, all I have to do is choose the right position!

And I feel much more confident submitting it because it reads like me. It's all true! Thanks, Cliff!

-Michael LaStella, Project Manager and Business Analyst

I already have a job but a I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to start looking. I posted my new resume to a few job boards and sent it out to my business contacts. Before I knew it, I had two offers for immediate contracts. A week later another offer came in! This resume is magic!

Thanks for relieving me of this terrible task, Cliff. After two very painless one-hour consultations, you wrote my resume from scratch in a matter of days! This resume is far more appealing and effective than I could have ever imagined.

I would hire myself in a second!

-Kirby Drumm, Software Engineer

I got a job two days after I sent out my new resume!

I posted my freshly rewritten resume to Dice and got a response within 24 hours! I got another call a day later to set up an interview for that night! They offered me the job on the spot, and I'm STILL getting calls from other employers just about every other day.

Thanks for making me visible, Cliff! will definitely be sending referrals.

-Robert de Heer, Java Developer

Your service is perfect and I really like your approach.

-Alex Shefer, Engineer

I am very confident and at ease to advertize the Polish resume service to my friends and fellow French countrymen.

Cliff Flamer brought precise, sharp, and well written corrections along with the necessary up-to-date American-job-market flavor. He helped me with my grammar and to make sure my resume reads better.

I was impressed enough with the 'rendu' (return) to recommend the service to my husband. The service gave him entire satisfaction as well and I am now advertizing Cliff's talents to my classmates and colleagues.

-Sophie Demandolx, Project Manager

If I know any friends who need resume service, I will definitely recommend you guys.

-Fei Wan, Engineer

Cliff took my original bland resume and transformed it into something much more eye-catching. He offered suggestions as to what items belonged on the resume versus those that merely took up space. It was easy to work with Cliff and I am very pleased with the final result after my rewrite.

-Anonymous, Hardware Engineer

Cliff, thank you for creating a resume that truly represents me. You found such great ways to word what I struggled to express. You are worth every penny of your fee!

-Leilani L., Network/Security Manager

Just this week I got 2 phone calls from recruiters that I had not previously dealt with (before my rewrite). They want to submit my new resume ASAP for active, available job openings.

After surfing the web for a while, I decided to try the free assessment. I was impressed by the detailed and professional nature of the free response I got, and the fact that it was so 'on target' regarding the deficiencies in my resume.

I then purchased the Technical Resume Package service and was pleased to find out that the same person who did my assessment would be working with me personally (including multiple phone calls) throughout the entire revision process.

I am very excited about my new resume-it is shorter, clearer, more attention-grabbing, less confusing, and does not sacrifice any important information.

The item on my new resume that I am especially happy with is the new opening line at the top. Cliff did an outstanding job of understanding what I said to him on the phone and encapsulating it in a short phrase that helps both technical and non-technical people gain an understanding of who I am and what I do.

-Paul Milligan, Network Administrator

I was pleasantly impressed by the results of the resume assessment. Its scoring system addressed all the major characteristics of a resume that I could think of. More importantly, it pinpointed significant flaws.

I then purchased one of their services to fix these flaws. Cliff's resume expertise went far beyond what I expected, offering elegant solutions for each problem. This was definitely money well spent!

With Cliff's help, I now have a pithy, focused resume that looks great. In interviews, I've noticed that readers have a much easier time finding what they're looking for. I feel much more confident that my resume is representing me well to 'screeners' as well as industry insiders. It's been a huge improvement.

-Amy Brooks, Systems Specialist

I'm beginning to feel more confident already. Thanks for the wonderful work you've put into the first draft! I have to say, the content in the employment history is so much more presentable now.

-W. Fuller, Webmaster

Cliff, your resume got me in the door even though I wasn't even fully qualified.

I got a callback, passed the initial phone screening, and was invited in as one of two finalists.

I didn't get the job but I landed contract that is up in six months so you bet I'll be contacting you then to update my resume!

-Tim Lauger, Technical Analyst

I am SOOO happy with the draft that you sent me. It looks great! There are no changes on my part. You were able to succintly articulate my responsibilities and accomplishments very well. Heck, I'd even interview myself. I feel this was money well spent. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

-Lynn Charles, Treasury Analyst

Cliff, I found you very pleasant to work with, *and* you did much more for my resume than the highly regarded specialist at my (expensive!) outplacement agency. Thanks for your professionalism and expertise.

-Daniel Salter, Technical Writer & Editor

This will not be one of those resumes that gets briefly scanned and then put aside!”

I thought that, as an experienced technical writer, I didn't need professional assistance in preparing a top-notch resume. Cliff, you showed me otherwise. It was money well invested.

After spending one hour asking me pointed questions about my experience, talents, education, and work history, Cliff unearthed information I had previously buried in my resume (or not even included at all!) and created a well-designed and easy-to-read resume that demands action.

-Gilbert Gonzalez, Technical Writer

Your feedback has prompted me to re-examine certain areas in my resume. Thank you very much for the assessment.

-Doris Lok, Technical Writer

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Creative Resume Clients

The new look is fantastic! As I expected, you simply nailed it! It is rare to find someone (especially through an online search) who delivers on and execeeds your expectations. Itís been a pleasure.

-Andre A., Cinematographer & Audio Architect

As a freelance tv producer and former development executive at MTV Networks, I've worked on a number of shows in a variety of capacities over the years. Because of the varying degree of my work experience, my resume read more like a laundry list of information than a marketing document highlighting my professional goals and achievements.

Brightside helped me process this information, transforming it into a visual presentation that portrayed my employment history in a more accessible and engaging format.

-Ethan Goldman, Executive Producer & Creative Consultant

Thank you SO much! This is awesome! I appreciate your going above & beyond a simple rewrite and think the new format is much improved. I appreciate your quick turn-around too. I enjoyed working with you. I certainly WILL recommend you to whomever I think would benefit. I think the first person would be my husband.

-Lauren Dunn, Web & Multimedia Developer

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! The resume looks beautiful, and I appreciate how you've highlighted my accomplishments. Because of your work, I feel more confident as I begin my job search, and I think your service is money well spent.

Again, thanks for doing an excellent job of refining my raw material into something useful. Take care.

-Jim H., Editor

My wife was first to use Cliff's handiwork; I decided to save money and write my own resume. I only got a few nibbles, and no fish; she caught a huge fish and took a great offer. A few days later, I had Cliff rewrite my resume too. Now the fish are jumping out of the pond right into my net! It doesn't get any better than this, folks!

What happened was I posted my new resume on Monster. Within months I had seven interviews lined up, three that went to second rounds and one to that all important third round. I landed three consulting jobs and one full-time gig. Four out of seven ain't bad, folks! Not bad at all!

Cliff's Bait Shop. Just throw your new resume out on the net and relax. You'll be turning down offers.

-Dick Gaskill, Writer

You did an impeccable job! I fancy myself as a wordsmith, but the language of resumes is a foreign tongue. My original resume, like my career, was all over the map. You connected the dots. I like the way you stirred ingredients and added fizz.“Thanks, Cliff. I've added an order for an ASCII version. Again…I'm very happy. Really great job!

-Anonymous, Writer & Desktop Publisher

Cliff, thank you for your superb work in creating a new and exciting resume for me. I appreciate the way that you cleverly incorporated my functional resume into a chronological format. Our consultation gave me new ideas concerning aspects of my work experience that I can exuberantly highlight in upcoming interviews.

I arrived on your doorstep with self-proclaimed bitterness and extreme frustration concerning my job search but left hopeful and confident after we discussed my strengths and professional accomplishments.

Your resume-sculpting services are an asset for those who have just started a career, as well as for seasoned professionals. I trust your business is growing by leaps and bounds.

-T. Mallie, Project Manager

I have great news! I was offered a temp-to-hire opportunity with Google-my dream company-and my snazzy new resume is what got me in the door!

Both my husband and my mother are equally as pleased with the work you did on their resumes. I gotta tell you Cliff, you are da bombdiggity, and I will always recommend you to anyone who is in the market for a resume makeover.

You've been an absolute pleasure to work with from the awesome critique to your very insightful phone consultation. I was completely blown away by your very thoughtful and probing questions, during our 2 1/2-hour conversation. You helped me to remember talents and skills that I had completely pushed to the back of my mind-things that I really should have been giving myself credit for!

As a creative writer (and a darn good one), I would have never been able to word my resume with the same craft as you did. Continued success to you, and as soon as my resume needs updating, I'll be contacting you!”

-Kitara Wilson, Journalist & Marketing Writer

After almost 15 years of working piecemeal on my technical writing resume I could not see the digital forest for the analog trees. I took the smart step of what every writer should do, I got an editor! Not just any editor, a very good editor with a visual sense and an experienced eye for what the person hiring is looking for.

For a very reasonable sum of money I handed off my bloated, over-the-hill, rambling resume to Cliff's experienced eyes who gave my tired old cow a face lift in short order with minimum of fuss. I feel younger, lighter and leagues more confident knowing that my resume will look its best during its 10-second persual.

-Andie Mock, Documentation Specialist

Cliff turned my bleak landscape of words into a professional presentation that got me three job offers! I'm thoroughly impressed with his creative problem-solving and revamping ability.

I already know I'm a hard worker and have had valuable job experience, but now I see how that wasn't shining through on the previous version of my resume. The changes Cliff made via his Creative Resume Package show a truer picture of my expertise and my potential value to a company. I feel better about my qualifications now and can confidently say that I would hire myself!

-Elyse Beffa, Massage Therapist

After a Creative Rewrite, my resume helped me win more freelance assignments in one week than it had in six months of job-searching.

The Creative Resume Package gave me more than the simple edit I expected. I can take what I learned about resume writing and use it every time I need to put myself out there for a new assignment.

When I went in for a consultation, I was confident about my professional experience but I didn't know what human resources or recruiting professionals really wanted to see on my resume. Cliff helped me focus my resume's message to appeal to these 'gatekeepers' and get interviews for the jobs I really wanted.

-Lora Kolodny, Music Journalist

It's beauteous! I figure I might actually land some interviews now. I look like a different person than the one “disguised” in my original resume. It looks really great!

-Chrisa Hotchkiss, Teacher

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Reactions From Recruiters & HR Executives

I wanted to let you know that I asked a recruiter that Iíve known for a while about whether he could recommend anyone to help me with my resume. He mentioned that he had recently received a very impressive resume for a CFO that you had prepared. So, thatís how I found out about your services.

-Anonymous, Finance Recruiter (as quoted by BSR customer)

I'd like to share the following very positive reponse from an executive recruiter at one of the world's largest global (VP-level and above) search firms: 'This is a great resume. More concise and will represent you better. It was good that you had it worked on.'

-Anonymous, Executive Search Firm (as quoted by BSR customer)

No other resume service compares with Cliff's expertise and professionalism. His recruiting background gives him a noticeable edge over the competition; his front-line experience with hiring managers makes him an asset to any job search.

-Lynn S., Recruiter

Out of the hundreds of resumes I got for this listing, yours got more than the usual '10 second glance' because of the excellent formatting, organization, and layout. It really stands out from the rest in its appearance, so I read it more closely. I'm interviewing four or five people out of over a hundred, and sending two [resumes] on to the client-[your resume] is one of these two.

-Rob C., Recruiter (in response to client's resume)

I think this version looks fabulous! And [you] managed to fit it all into 2 pages, impressive. I like it; I think it is very pleasing to the eye and contains all of the pertinent information. I might have to look into this service myself.

-Sheila P., Recruiter (in response to client's resume)

This resume is outstanding! The format is perfect.

-Andrew S., Recruiter

Hi Cliff, I just wanted to tell you thanks, my aunt is an HR consultant and I asked her to check out my new resume and send it to some of her friends in the business and they all really liked it, they thought it was really good work. Those few changes that I sent you came from my aunt. Again thank you.

-Joe Wagner, Manager of Information Systems

The resumes delivered by BrightSide are always expertly written and perfectly formatted-which is why they yield such a positive response from my clients. I'm happy to refer my candidates to them because they're guaranteed to return with a resume that really 'sells' the reader. In the end, everyone's happy-my candidate gets the interview, the hiring manager gets the qualified candidate, and I've done my job of matching talent with opportunity.

If I could only offer one piece of advice to candidates who aren't getting interviews, it would be this: take your resume to Cliff at BrightSide and let them make it shine.

-Buck B., Recruiter

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