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For students, recent graduates, entry-level job candidates, or anyone with 5 or fewer years' experience looking to blaze a career path.

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  • Know your strengths. Our all-inclusive resume development service includes one-on-one career coaching with a career/college counselor.
  • Impress everyone. Our resumes demand attention and present you in the best possible light, no matter what level of experience you bring to the table.
  • Be happy and well-paid. Get the job you want and the paycheck you deserve.

It's never too early to take your job seriously. Our expertise extends beyond resume writing into career counseling and college advising. BrightSide CEO Cliff Flamer has a master's degree in Career & College Counseling in addition to 3 industry certifications, plus he's coached students and alumni at community colleges, universities, and private vocational schools.

Cliff knows how to translate academic coursework, school projects, volunteer work, group memberships, independent studies, sports involvement, long-standing interests, and even family obligations into resume-worthy accomplishment statements. Anything can become a bullet point, if you use the right language.

With this kind of leadership, we can confidently say we know where you're at and, more important, what lies ahead.

What You Get With This Service

The Graduate Resume includes an hour of phone consultation and the creation of a 1-page resume that will not only cover your work experience but, if appropriate, all other non-paid achievements you may be overlooking or perhaps disregarding.

We know where to look, what questions to ask, and how to present you as a professional so that you blow away the competition. But don't take our word for itů

Whether you're just getting started, are starting over, or have already begun to make your mark in your field, we'll help you see that you have plenty of strengths, skills, and experience, to wow employers.

Purchase Graduate Resume Writing

Graduate Resume $525

The Graduate Resume Service will help catapult you into a career that's right for you. It includes:

  • An hour of 1-on-1 resume consulting to help you build an effective resume strategy, address all of your work history concerns, and discover and expound upon your accomplishments
  • Use of our Career Assessment Packet to help you start thinking about your career from the hiring manager's perspective while giving us an idea of where you're coming from and what you have to offer
  • Direct and ongoing communication with your dedicated resume expert and career counselor, Cliff Flamer, who will be working with you from your initial consultation through the delivery of your product and into the subsequent revision
  • The complete writing and formatting of your resume, artfully tailored to your industry, job function, personality, unique strengths, level of experience, and target audience
  • Deliverables in MS Word (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format -- the preferred word-processing programs used by hiring teams
  • A full round of revision to make sure you're happy with the way you look on paper (though you'll be so pleased with the first draft, you won't have many requests for change)
  • Secure lifetime storage of your resume on our password-protected collaboration site, so you can access your career documents from absolutely anywhere (including from a job interview!)
  • Partnership with the best resume service in the industry, as corroborated by our clients, fellow career experts, and hiring executives alike

Remember, all of our resume services are tax deductible!

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