The BrightSide Experience

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Click to expand PHASE I: Self-Paced Career Assessment

Once you've placed your order via PayPal or GoogleCheckout, we'll get in touch immediately to book your 1-hour resume consulting session. At this time, we'll also set you up with our trademarked Career Assesment Packet, which will guide you in exploring your career aspirations and goals, pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses, and (perhaps unexpectedly) generating the beginnings of some very compelling resume content.

"Iíve gotten clearer on what an employer looks for in hiring me. I'm also clearer on my strengths and have seen how they cross over between jobs. Good stuff."

"This is a well-designed, thought-provoking document. Iíve learned new things about myself, or at least brought them out of the dark and onto the surface."

"Completing the CAP was an eye opener for me."

Click to expand PHASE II: One-on-One Resume Consulting

We'll develop strategies to overcome challenges on your resume and in your career. We'll help you refine your objective, directly address work history concerns related to this objective, and come up with details you may have overlooked. Once off the phone, your job is done and it's time for us to get to work!

Click to expand PHASE III: Resume Creation, Delivery, & Review

We'll deliver the first draft of your resume in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat within 5-7 business days of our 1-hour strategy session. Rush orders are an option, depending on our workload and the scope of your project. For some peace of mind, you're entitled to 1 round of revision, which we can execute through our collaboration site. That said, our intention is to make your jaw drop the first time around.

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