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  In a Nutshell Focus of Work Representative Titles Common Elements We Use Suggested Format Page Count
Seasoned or aspiring business leaders whose performance is directly linked to the prosperity of their organization.
Strategic planning at the enterprise or divisional level, P&L mgt., company or divisional growth, organizational initiatives Senior Managers, Division Managers, Directors, VPs, Controllers, General Managers, Administrators, CxOs Executive-style layout covering your entire work history... with career snapshot or extended intro highlighting crowning achievements; company profiles; comprehensive conflict-action-result bullet statements; sections for boards, committees, and industry leadership; background summaries

Plus the elements listed in the Management and Professional Resume Packages
Contemporary, Traditional 2-3 pages
People in charge (or who want to be in charge) of other people
Supervising, developing, and motivating teams. Hands-on coordination of internal or external staff across projects or departments. Reporting up while managing down. Mid-level Managers, Dept. Managers, Project Managers, Program Managers, Product Managers, Account Managers, Business Dev't Managers, Branch Managers, Sales Managers Mid-management focused document... with callouts for teams/projects/depts managed; detailed showcase of commitments or projects within experience section, including scope, value, and impact; intro with sampling of career highlights or key value offerings

Statement of work philosophy or management style
Contemporary, Traditional 1-2 pages
Mid-to-senior professionals who prefer having someone else in charge
Individual contribution, as an autonomous expert Non-technical, mid-to-senior professionals with 5 or more years' experience in Business Development, Sales, Marketing, PR, Operations, Human Resources, Education, Training, Creative Services, Finance, Accounting, Support, or other departments Comprehensive portrayal of individual contribution... with branding statement or brief summary section; core competencies list; quantified, results-oriented accomplishments; transferable skills; earlier work history statements that support current objective Contemporary, Traditional 1-2 pages
Non-managers who build and fix cool stuff
Individual contribution in the field of Science or Technology Software Developers, Programmers, Analysts, System & Network Administrators, Hardware Technicians, Engineers, Product Developers, Quality Assurance & Testing Specialists, Scientists Technology-focused resume emphasizing skills, tools, and achievements... with technical skills addendum; technologies listed for each job record; less emphasis on impact and more on initiatives Traditional but technical; emphasis on tools, training, and tactics 1-2 pages
Non-managers looking for something a little different
Individual contribution in a creative field or industry Graphic Designers, Interior Decorators, Artists, Producers, Choreographers, Musicians, Clothing Designers, Actors, Inventors, Environmentalists, Activists, Health & Wellness Professionals Unique, less traditional resume (that we'll dream up together)... with simple graphics such as logos; purposefully different tone or message; strategic use of white space and content shaping; possible use of first-person pronouns, quotes, and personal statements Non-traditional; driven by design, tone, and message 1 page
Entry-level folks who are just getting started
Individual contribution or support role to an organization or direct supervisor Students, Recent Graduates, and Professionals with less than 5 years of work experience Comprehensive yet concise inventory of career and academic achievements... with brief intro; possible branding statement; focus on skill offering and skill development; more extensive education/training section showcasing school projects, coursework, scholarships, memberships, and leadership roles Contemporary, Traditional 1 page
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