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For non-managers working in Technology. This includes developers, programmers, system and network administrators, hardware/manufacturing technicians, project managers, product developers, quality control and testing staff, and analysts.

Speak Your Language

  • Impress techies and non-techies. With our background in technical recruiting, we can generate a resume that speaks to your peers as well as vigilant HR screeners.
  • Become a confident interviewer. Our resume development process doubles as career coaching to prepare you for any kind of interview.
  • Get paid what you deserve. Better resumes yield better offers.

Award-Winning Technical Resumes

We've won several awards for our resume writing, specifically in the category of "Technical Resumes" given to us by the leading careerists' group, Career Directors International (CDI).

We're not claiming to be technology gurus, but we've distinguished ourselves from our peers in our ability to understand, extrapolate on, and translate technical jargon. As proof, we've been invited to run workshops at several private and government-sponsored Silicon Valley "special interest" groups and networking events for engineers.

The Experience To Back It Up

Before shifting into resume-writing, Cliff Flamer, our CEO, served as a lead recruiter in Silicon Valley for 4 years, working in-depth with hiring teams comprised of Engineering staff, managers, directors, and VPs. Much of his success in leading clients to work was due to the resumes he helped them craft around their technical expertise.

In addition to his affiliation with the technology hub of Silicon Valley, Cliff Flamer is doubly credentialed as a professional resume writer, holding certification with both the National Resume Writers' Association and the Professional Association of Resumes Writers. He's been recently crowned The World's Best Resume Writer by CDI.

What You Get With This Service

The Technical Resume includes up to 1 hour of resume consultation and the subsequent writing and formatting of your resume that may emphasize technical skills and methodologies, project-based accomplishments, key implementations, management consulting, areas of expertise, support and training experience, and offshore experience.

We'll build a resume that showcases both your technical knowledge and your ability to inspire growth, efficiency, and productivity within an organization.

Purchase Technical Resume Writing

Technical Resume $795

The Technical Resume Service will help you impress everyone in the hiring process. It includes:

  • An hour of 1-on-1 resume consulting to help you build an effective resume strategy, address all of your work history concerns, and discover and expound upon your accomplishments
  • Use of our Career Assessment Packet to help you start thinking about your career from the hiring manager's perspective while giving us an idea of where you're coming from and what you have to offer
  • Access to our extended questionnaire (if we need it), which will guide you in dissecting your work history job-by-job to parse out specific achievements from general responsibilities and make sure you're giving us the right kind of content
  • Direct and ongoing communication with your dedicated resume expert and career counselor, Cliff Flamer, who will be working with you from your initial consultation through the delivery of your product and into the subsequent revision
  • The complete writing and formatting of your resume, artfully tailored to your industry, job function, personality, unique strengths, level of experience, and target audience
  • Deliverables in MS Word (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format -- the preferred word-processing programs used by hiring teams
  • A full round of revision to make sure you're happy with the way you look on paper (though you'll be so pleased with the first draft, you won't have many requests for change)
  • Secure lifetime storage of your resume on our password-protected collaboration site, so you can access your career documents from absolutely anywhere (including from a job interview!)
  • Partnership with the best resume service in the industry, as corroborated by our clients, fellow career experts, and hiring executives alike

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