Resume Writing

6 full-service resume packages, plus a formatting-only option, updates for past clients, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.


Graduate Resume

For students, recent graduates, first-time entry-level job candidates, or anyone with less than 4 years' experience who is eager to blaze a trail forward in their career. We know what's in front of you and we'll help you get there.

Includes 1-hr Consultation
sample graduate resumes

Launch Your Career

After so many years in the business, we still love working with students and graduates. As most resume businesses gain notoriety, they narrow their client base down to senior executives. We know we'd be missing out if we followed that trend.

You have a brand-new set of skills, tons of energy and ideas, and maybe some extracurriculars (or maybe not). You've taken your own unique path through school – you know you've got something – but you're not sure what it is or how to get it down on paper.

Team Up With An Expert

With all his experience working in career centers at community colleges, universities, and vocational schools, Cliff knows where you're coming from. And, because he's coached so many seasoned professionals deeper into their careers, he knows what lies ahead for you.

Learn What You're Made Of

We'll help you dig through your personal, academic, and limited professional experience to reveal achievements you may have overlooked. School is often much more than class time. We know exactly how to present unpaid projects, papers, clubs, memberships, assistantships, research, awards, honors, and interests so you'll be recognized as a qualified job candidate with a bright future. If you don't have any of those things to show, we have an answer for that as well.

You've put in the time. Now, let's make you shine.

  • Kitara Wilson, Aspiring Journalist
    I was offered a temp-to-hire opportunity with my dream company and my snazzy new resume is what got me in the door!
  • Sarah, Finchum, Account Executive
    The company who offered the job 100% credited the resume for getting me in the door! They even emailed it around the office admiring it!
  • Pallavi B., Marketing Associate
    It was really great talking with my career counselor. I enjoyed every minute of the discussion :)
  • Jake Swartz, Customer Service Rep
    Just wanted to thank you guys again for your awesome resume service. It looks like I will need help yet again to update it because I just got the job I wanted.
  • Dave F. via Email
    Literally a week after I started using my new resume, I've secured three interviews with three companies. I'm in my second interview with one of the companies and feel confident about an offer.
  • Jesse S. via Email
    I got the job! They told me that they received nearly 300 applications! I've no doubt that the resume you built for me helped my application rise to the top, so thank you a million times for that!
  • R.P. via Email
    My mother recommended you guys after she hired someone who had their resume done by you.
  • Trevor K. via Yelp
    Cliff Flamer is a resume writing god.
  • Kacee M. via Yelp
    It was like talking to my long lost soul mate. Cliff rocks as did my new resume and cover letter! I GOT THE JOB! I have since given BrightSide Resume's information out to every one of my classmates.

Graduate Resume: $625.00

Professional Resume

For non-technical mid-to-senior-level professionals with at least 5 years' experience who are looking to keep their role as an individual contributor in their chosen field and discipline. There's a team out there waiting for you.

Includes 1-hr Consultation
sample professional resumes

Make Them See You

You're an expert in your field. There are things you do better than others around you. When you're at your best, time disappears and work gets done almost without thought. In fact, you've done so much over the years, it's hard to be sure you've remembered everything. How do you get it all down on paper, and in a way that truly reflects your best self?

Go A Bit Deeper

Our resume process doubles as a mini-career-coaching session: we'll guide you in remembering your greatness, and point you to the stuff that really matters. You'll gain confidence, feel more authentic, and interview better. And then, we'll build a resume that will represent you accurately and in the best light possible.

Your new Professional Resume may include an overarching branding statement that zeroes in on what you have to offer, a keyword-rich competencies section, impact statements that quantify and qualify your contributions, achievement-oriented bullet points, training and development highlights, and transferable skills. We know all the latest resume trends and we've helped people in just about every industry.

Be Your Best

There is no work history challenge we can't overcome. Indeed, we welcome complicated stories. We'll find the line and build a new narrative that invokes connection and invites inquiry.

  • Gary Tatmon, Sales
    Thanks for helping me transition careers! Everything sounds a whole heck of a lot better the way you stated it.
  • Thu Nguyen, Account Executive
    Cliff not only wrote me a resume that got me a job. He helped me define my career path.
  • Christine Schmidt, Admin. Assistant
    What I received was beyond what I thought anyone could put together on one page!
  • T. Mallie, Project Manager
    Your resume-sculpting services are an asset for those who have just started a career, as well as for seasoned professionals.
  • Robert de Heer, Developer
    Thanks for making me visible, Cliff!
  • Sirinapa C. via Yelp
    The resume and cover letter worked well. I have submitted them to 6 different positions over the past 3 days, and I got scheduled for either in-person or phone interview from 5 of them.
  • Rachel R. via Yelp
    After being told I had an incredibly beautiful resume by the VP, I ended up runner up. Within 24 hours the same team recommended me for a position higher up.
  • Lauren C. via Email
    I could not be happier with your work. Since using your resume, I have been invited for interviews with my top choices *without* any internal contacts or connections. Your resume has turned my life around.
  • Berlena G. via Email
    It's amazing how having a great resume creates confidence!
  • Nolan M. via Yelp
    Cliff built a powerful resume for me that got me calls from employers left and right; it was incredible! Probably 90% of the places I applied for contacted me back.... and I applied to a lot of places.
  • Aimee D. via Yelp
    To make the decision to move on is scary to say the least, but I know that when I present myself with this resume, the sky is the limit! Cliff is the Man!

Professional Resume: $975.00

Technical Resume

For non-managers working in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. This includes developers, system/network administrators, engineers, technicians, scientists, biotech specialists, data scientists, and other humble geniuses.

Includes 1-hr Consultation
sample technical resumes

Crack Silicon Valley's Code

Cliff got his start as a technical recruiter, working with hundreds of hiring managers all over the Bay Area for 4 crazy years. He learned what HR screeners and hiring managers want, and coached clients on catering their stories to these decision-makers' desires. It's not about spin. It's about substance.

Get Past The Gatekeepers

We need to develop the right balance of deep technical accomplishments and colloquial storytelling to please both your boss-to-be and the gatekeeping HR guards (not to mention those keyword-hungry, resume-scanning robots).

Work With A Tech Enthusiast

We partner well with STEM professionals. In fact, we've teamed up with some Engineering groups in the area and picked up an award for Best Technical Resume, in addition to our "World's Best Resume Writer" title from Career Directors International.

A large majority of our clients are in Tech, which is just the way we like it. It's a pleasure to be part of such a rewarding field of innovators, doers, dreamers, and makers... people who create new pieces of reality every day.

Show Them What You Got

Your new Technical Resume will underscore your razor-sharp technical skills through readable yet jargon-laden achievement bullets; tech-oriented problem-solving stories; itemized lists of tools, software, and methods; relevant certifications and licenses; and often exhaustive technical addendums.

You will come off both technical and communicative. Your resume will stand out above the rest.

  • Michael LaStella, Project Manager
    A week after you wrote my resume, I got a call back, and it’s been an avalanche of interest ever since.
  • Kirby Drumm, Software Engineer
    This resume is magic! Before I knew it, I had two offers for immediate contracts.
  • Leilani Lauger, Network Security
    Cliff, thank you for creating a resume that truly represents me. You are worth every penny of your fee!
  • Lynn Charles, Analyst
    I am SOOO happy with the draft. I feel this was money well spent.
  • Alex Shefer, Hardware Engineer
    Your service is perfect and I really like your approach.
  • Xander M. via Email
    I started at a biotech company just before Thanksgiving. It's very much the role you helped me to target. I really can't thank you enough for helping me get my bearings and moving down this new path.
  • Orion P. via Yelp
    I got a job as Director of Technology for an SF startup. Cliff really helped me see my talents, and the uniqueness that I brought to the table. I'm sure he'll be able to do the same for you.
  • Greg I. via Yelp
    Here is all you need to do - Just Hire Cliff for Resume Writing Services! In math terms, it was awesome cubed! 5 submissions and I got hired!
  • Abel B. via Yelp
    I have a PhD and was looking to explore other technology opportunities. I applied for a position with my ideal company, quickly got response, and got the interview process going. The rest is history ...

Technical Resume: $1125.00

Management Resume

For mid-level managers and mentors who have excelled in their careers to the point of managing teams in the areas of Product Development, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Operations, IT, HR, Design, Finance, Accounting, and other disciplines.

Includes 1-hr Consultation
sample management resumes

See How Far You've Come

If you're like most mid-career folks, you've simply been adding positions to your original resume, without addressing the fact that you've changed significantly over the years – as a leader, mentor, and expert. Your career has matured, but your resume likely hasn't.

Show Your Leadership

Management resumes have an extra layer of goodness to them because you're not only doing your own job, you're grooming and coordinating others to do their work. You're inspiring, you're corralling, you're building. This needs to be shared and celebrated.

Elements that we use in our Management Resume Service include callouts for team leadership and mentoring, side bars to showcase salient projects, and summaries encompassing management philosophy, career highlights, and/or breadth of responsibilities.  

Advance Your Career

Equipped with experience in resume writing, career counseling, and recruiting, we've guided tons of project and people managers in making meaningful transitions, expeditiously and confidently.

Let's reveal the real you and attract the position you've earned.

  • Jahid A. Wilson, Operations Manager
    I received two calls for interviews shortly after submitting my new resume.
  • Travis Shirley, Trader
    My resume is absolutely spot-on perfect!
  • Anna Stubbs, Manager
    Your service provided such a huge relief at a time when I was absolutely dreading investing more time and effort in a resume
  • A. F., Business Development
    I used my new resume to get a promotion.
  • Barbara Murch, Accounting Manager
    I went from zero callbacks to two hits in a week after gaining some direction from BrightSide.
  • Zareh S., Operations Manager
    Thanks for really understanding me and what I do.
  • Ann S. via Email
    I was able to get in for an interview and was offered the position last Friday. I can’t thank you enough. This is exactly the type position I was looking for. I am super excited!
  • Michael H. via Email
    I received many compliments on my resume throughout the interviewing process. The global leaders knew my strengths, expertise, and sales accomplishments with my Brightside resume.
  • Berlena G. via Email
    I will be forever grateful. You took my work life and created a beautiful document. I printed it out and read it over and over again. I faxed it to my family and they could not believe it! No one had anything negative to say.
  • John H. via Yelp
    The contrast between my best efforts and the first draft of my Brightside resume was simply astounding. I would so hire me now!
  • Howard K. via Yelp
    I hate to give away my competitive advantage...but if you must know it's BrightSide Resumes. I sent out 5 resumes and got 2 interviews within days.

Management Resume: $1275.00

Junior Executive Resume

For accomplished executives and ambitious senior management professionals focused on driving organizational strategy and development at the enterprise or divisional level. This is a great service for decision-makers seeking to lead small-to-mid-sized organizations, helm a division at a larger enterprise, or simply break through to the next level of their careers.

Includes 1-hr Consultation
sample junior resumes

Unlock The Next Chapter

We elevate careers. It’s a pleasure to promote smart, ambitious leaders who have already achieved amazing things in their careers. We accept the challenge of crafting the narrative of your meteoric (and perhaps, nonlinear or unconventional) rise to the top and beyond.

Position Yourself Appropriately

BrightSide CEO and longtime resume writer, Cliff Flamer, has decades of experience, 3 resume certifications, a background in Silicon Valley recruiting, multiple awards (including the industry’s only “World’s Best Resume Writer Award”), and 2 degrees in English and Career Counseling. He continues to lead his industry in innovation and has time-tested strategies for accurately and favorably presenting rock stars on paper to win interviews and get job offers.

Change Your Outcome

Simply put, the Junior Executive Resume Service will increase your chances of being seen and short-listed by showcasing your multifaceted career trajectory in a way that is impossible to ignore.

  • Grace P. via Email
    Thank you for my new resume. I hardly recognize myself!
  • Patrick C. via Email
    I've spent countless hours developing my resume...Cliff introduced a fresh perspective and one that I quickly bought into.
  • Gary W. via Email
    BrightSide Resumes got me a job that reflects exactly where I’m at in my career.
  • Mike H. via Email
    I was able to secure my dream job in a field I wanted to return working in! This new position provided a 13% increase in base salary, 320% bonus increase, and aligns me on a career path into upper management.
  • Robin K. via Yelp
    I was amazed at how Cliff was able to take my previous work experience and the information I gave him in my consultation and translate it into such an impressive resume. I am so pleased!
  • Paige B. via Yelp
    "Your resume was, by far, the best resume we have received." This was said to me during an interview with the Executive Director of an agency.
  • Kelly K. via Yelp
    Cliff elevated my resume to a completely different level. I've had multiple compliments from executive recruiters about both style and substance.

Junior Executive Resume: $1575.00

Executive Resume

For seasoned veterans who are used to steering the strategic direction of world-leading and disruptive enterprises, including directors, principals, partners, GMs, EDs, GCs, AGCs, VPs, SVPs, EVPs, controllers, management consultants, CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, and CFOs.

Includes 1.5-hr Consultation
sample executive resumes

Partner With The Best

It's a privilege to work with people at the top of their game — people who are defining and shaping industries with their vision and leadership.

BrightSide CEO and your personal resume writer, Cliff Flamer, has been generating top-tier resumes for business leaders since 1998 as a recruiter, career coach, and resume writer. He is part of an elite class of writers dually certified with the Professional Association of Resume Writers (where he scored in the top 1% on the entrance exam) and the National Resume Writers' Association (where he served on the Executive Board as Certification Chair). Cliff has won respect from his fellow resume writers as well as hiring managers, recruiters, and search firms, who regularly refer clients to us.

Gain An Inside Edge

Cliff has collaborated with hundreds of hiring executives and HR directors as a recruiter. Now, he helps his clients work their way into six- and seven-figure jobs as a resume writer and career coach. For years, he’s worked with top executives from world-leading companies in Technology, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, CPG, Retail, and others in Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and beyond.

Outperform Everyone

You have the experience. It just needs to be expounded upon and presented in the right light to catch the recruiters’ attention and position you ahead of your competition.

  • T.D. via Email
    My is an SVP recruiter and when she came across a resume that BrightSide did she was so impressed she asked the candidate who did it for her. Apparently that person is Cliff Flamer.
  • Victoria L. via Email
    I heard a lot of compliments on the resume you have done for me from big VC firms and head hunters.
  • Louis T. via Yelp
    My new resume got in-person interview requests the same day I responded to job postings. I ended up with a highly satisfying director-level role making 30% more than my previous position.
  • Jon C. via Yelp
    Cliff is very busy (for good reason), but your patience will pay off. The results will simply amaze you.
  • Mike K. via Yelp
    Cliff was able to craft a masterpiece! The results were phenomenal. I was able to land many top level interviews for executive level roles.
  • James D. via Email
    Within a month of passively searching...I had four in-depth interviews and two job offers.
  • M.S. via Phone
    After working with previous resume writers, I was especially pleased with end result I achieved with BrightSide Resumes.

Executive Resume: $1975.00


Recruiter Distribution

Gain access to tens of thousands of recruiters and search firms instantly, and receive their contact info to follow up.

20% Off for Resume Clients

We Know Recruiters

If you're at the top of your game, recruiters are one of the best ways to get your resume shortlisted. A few words from a recruiter and, all of a sudden, you're a priority. You're the inside hire.

Spark Interest, Start Conversations

We have access to 30,000+ recruiters nationwide from a database that is updated weekly. Recruiters respond most enthusiastically to candidates who are already experts in their field and discipline, and who are pursuing job titles they've already held.

If this sounds like you, let us make an introduction with your resume and cover letter via email to generate interest from recruiters that specialize in your position type, industry expertise, and level of seniority.

We'll send you the contact information of each of these recruiters so you can follow up with them throughout your job search, even if they don't have a job for you right away.

Jumpstart Your Job Search

These recruiters are the same staffing experts contracted by world-leading institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia, as well as top outplacement firms like Drake Beam, Lee Hecht Harrison, and Goodrich & Sherwood.

There's nothing quite like a phone call from someone who has an inside edge with employers in your field. It only takes one of those calls to change your life.

Recruiter Distribution: $395.00

Resume Formatting

For those happy with their resume's content and strategy, but seeking to improve its overall appearance, layout, and design to underscore the appropriate content and ensure they stand out in their industry. Be proud to hand over your resume.

Look Good On Paper

An effective resume will truly make you look good on paper, which is why we've developed a finishing service focused entirely on perfecting the appearance of your document(s).

Start Off On The Right Foot

The appearance of your resume sets the stage for how the hiring manager is going to view you.

If your resume is pleasing to the eye at a glance, the screener will search for data that strengthens your candidacy. If your resume is confusing, cluttered, unbalanced, and amateurish, that same person will most likely begin looking for reasons to dismiss you.

Show Them What You Got

It's not merely about making a pretty document.

One-size-fits-all word processing templates and resume design services fail to take into consideration your unique constellation of strengths and weaknesses, nor do they address your audience's wish list.

A compelling resume format will direct the readers' eye to your most impressive qualifications and achievements. It will make it easy for them to find what they're looking for, which means you'll get placed in the YES pile more quickly.

  • Seth L. via Yelp
    With my BrightSide resume, I am now getting numerous call backs on a daily basis. I highly recommend their services.
  • Evan A. via Yelp
    This looks so awesome! Thank you for getting all this in in a way that makes sense and looks good on paper!! Woohoo!
  • Rachel R. via Yelp
    After being told I had an incredibly beautiful resume by the VP of [CVS] (and that he was going to steal my formatting), I ended up runner up. Within 24 hours the same team recommended me for a position higher up.
  • Akram A. via Yelp
    I totally recommend BrightSide resumes to everyone who wants to have a professional resume.
  • Michael M. via Yelp
    I received many compliments on my resume throughout the interviewing process.
  • Jay H. via Yelp
    The cost is totally worth it. After Cliff helped me with my resume, I was getting lots of calls for interviews and compliments on my resume.
  • Paige B. via Yelp
    The interviewer said that it wasn't my experience as much as the formatting and the flow...something about it communicated my strengths in clear, concise, intriguing ways.
  • Robert A. via Yelp
    One of the hiring managers I spoke to told me that I had the fanciest resume they had ever seen.

Resume Formatting: $245.00

Resume Update
$225 /hr

Welcome back! We do 2 kinds of resume updates for past BrightSiders. For smaller updates, we work by our hourly rate. (See ‘How it Works’). For more extensive updates involving 3+ years of new experience, 2+ new jobs, or a completely different strategy and objective, you’ll need the full treatment. Pick one of our Full-Service Resume Packages, instead.

Resume Update: $225.00 /hr

Cover Letter

Targeted and all-purpose cover letters, branded to match your resume's appearance, tone, and strategy to make a strong introduction and win that all-important first meeting.

Get Noticed

Most of the time, cover letters are your first impression. They are also an opportunity to explain challenges you're facing that can’t be fully addressed on the resume. We’ll help you keep it upbeat, candid, and confident so the reader snaps out of their hiring stupor and wants to learn more.

Differentiate Yourself

The key is to start strong, with a quote, anecdote, success story, tag line, testimonial, branding statement, or blunt remark about your latest jaw-dropping accomplishment. We go beyond the resume's story to draw themes and patterns, mention soft skills, reframe shortcomings, and draw direct connections.

Keep Them Interested

We can be as traditional or unorthodox as you'd like, always keeping in line with the expectations of your industry and target audience.

An introduction is in order.

  • Steven C. via Yelp
    Great service. Fantastic result.
  • Natalie B. via Yelp
    I GOT THE JOB! I can't say enough about good things about Cliff and his staff.
  • K.H. via Yelp
    The effort Cliff puts in is obvious in the results compared to a more traditional writer's quick gloss and chop-shop kind of service, and in my view, is why its actually a true investment rather than a cheaper service.
  • Eileen M. via Yelp
    Cliff is an excellent listener and his team are consummate professionals. I've referred friends to BrightSide Resumes and recommend them without hesitation.
  • Eric S. via Yelp
    By all means if you're even thinking about your next step in your career, you should check BrightSide out.
  • Mimi J. via Yelp
    I can't say enough good things about working with Cliff and BrighSide Resumes. He's the best of the best in the business.
  • Honglian H. via Email
    The cover letter is such a great summary for my over 20 years of experience in my three positions. It touched me so much!

Cover Letter: $250.00

LinkedIn Profile

Distinctive, keyword-rich social media profiles to make your story stand out so you can attract connections with colleagues, recruiters, and hiring managers who need to find you.

Become Findable

LinkedIn is the go-to resource for recruiters, head-hunters, and HR teams. It is the premiere job posting site and networking tool available. And it’s free.

You don't have to love social media to appreciate the benefits of LinkedIn: find anyone, follow companies and their top executives, see who notices you, initiate conversations with VIPs, join groups, gather resources, rekindle old relationships, and apply directly to companies.

Be Compelling

You can do anything, once you have an awesome, keyword-rich profile that conveys your story and inspires people to follow up with you. Try a simple cut-and-paste from your resume to get started, but if you really want to shine, we suggest a more personal, expository approach.

Connect with Confidence

We have a team of LinkedIn experts, including Nationally Certified Online Profile Experts (NCOPEs) with tons of success writing attention-grabbing keyword-rich profiles for job seekers of all experience levels. 90% of our customers order LinkedIn profiles with their resumes.

We know what we're doing and we can do it for you.

Let us tell your story… again.

  • Keri I. via Yelp
    Good ideas on LinkedIn profiles. Definitely money well spent!
  • Honglian H. via Email
    You have summarized my career so well. It seems that you are my old friend and have known me for over 20 years.
  • Angela M.
    Cliff is fantastic! It's a great experience. Cliff really helps you to articulate your value by pulling out aspects of your background and expertise that you might have forgotten or not highlighted very well.
  • Nolan M. via Yelp
    Cliff is a master of his craft, which is being able to articulate a person's narrative, whether it be for a resume, a LinkedIn profile, or cover letters. I am beyond impressed.
  • J.K. via Yelp
    After Cliff reviewed my resume and wrote my LinkedIn bio, I've seen tremendous value, and highly recommend his services across the board.
  • Maggie A. via Yelp
    There is a reason that Cliff does what he does and why people continue to go back.

LinkedIn Profile: $275 - 575

So Why Use Our Resume Writing Services?

Writing a resume is a challenging and time-consuming process, to say the least. It requires knowledge of the job market AND the talent to craft a unique yet keyword-rich story in an eye-catching format that will distinguish you from the competition. In short, that’s why so many job seekers enlist the help of our professional resume writing services: to ensure their resume stands out from the crowd.

Need Resume Assistance? Come To The BrightSide.

We will create a strong, compelling resume, highlighting your successes and competencies while taking care to showcase your candidacy in the right format. Our professional writers understand how to produce resumes tailored to several industries and positions to optimize the way you present your work experience, education, and skills to potential employers. Our team is knowledgeable about the latest trends in resume format and content. We have extensive experience in crafting distinctive documents for all levels of job-seekers, from entry-level applicants and graduates to C-level executive leadership profiles.

The Very Best Resume Writers, At Your Service.

When working with our expert resume writers, you can relax knowing that your resume will look as professional as possible and present the best version of you in the best possible light. We take great care to ensure our clients’ resumes highlight their unique experiences and backgrounds, so they can truly stand out and stand tall among other candidates.

We Help You Beyond The Resume Service

In addition to tailoring your resume to perfection, we offer Career Coaching as well as Tips on Interviewing Techniques and Salary Negotiation, and Expert Advice on Conducting a Successful Job Search.

Choosing The Best Resume Writing Package

Let’s face it: writing a resume can be daunting, and finding the right package to fit your needs can be even harder. When it comes to resume writing, we have many services and packages for people in various career fields and levels of experience. Our Resume Services include a Graduate Resume, a Professional Resume, a Technical Resume, a Management Resume, a Junior Executive Resume, and an Executive Resume. These different packages are designed to solve the specific demands of job applicants coming from a broad range of backgrounds.

Partnering With Resume Experts

Our qualified and expert writers, headed by our Writer in Chief, will work with you one-on-one to build a document commensurate with the level of the position for which you are applying. In addition to helping you get your resume up to date with current standards, we will also provide you with valuable, tailored advice to help you land your ideal job. Additionally, our professionals have the know-how to create resumes for the machines (aka applicant-tracking systems), which will ensure you progress through the first screening of the recruitment process…. so you can reach some human eyes.

Show Off Your Resume To Our Recruiters

And after you take advantage of our resume writing services, consider gaining access to our Network of Recruiters who know their way around the exact field in which you're looking for a job. There's nothing quite like getting an inquiry letter from a recruiter when you're looking for work!